This page contains links related to SuperTuxKart’s design, architecture, codebase, and installation.

1. Overview:

2. Official SuperTuxKart blog:

3. Installation (Linux):

4. SuperTuxKart Codebase/Repository:

5. SuperTuxKart Coding Style Guide:

6. SuperTuxKart Developer Documentation:

7. SuperTuxKart Source Control:

8. SuperTuxKart Planned Milestones:

9. SuperTuxKart Scripting:

10. SuperTuxKart Installing Artist Tools:

11. SuperTuxKart Communication (with Devs):

12. SuperTuxKart Style Guide:

13. SuperTuxKart Licensing:

14. SuperTuxKart Antarctica Rendering Engine:

15. SuperTuxKart Challenges (How challenge files are written):

16. SuperTuxKart File naming conventions:

17. SuperTuxKart Music and SFX guidelines:

18. SuperTuxKart 3D Model guidelines:

19. SuperTuxKart Texture guidelines:

20. SuperTuxKart Blender resource: